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Mouse Hunt Mouse Hunt
You have to eat as much cheese as possible. Use arrow keys to control and mouse and walk over a cheese piece to eat it. Avoid your contact with cats roaming around.
Man Hunter Man Hunter
There is a rule of jungle, if you are not a hunter you will be hunted. So hunt everyone you see. Buy upgrades and baites food to attract your prey.
Deer Shooter Deer Shooter
Now it's deer's turn to get his payback. This crazy deer is on a hunt of humans to keep them in his zoo. There are 4 different rounds available.
Animal Hunter Animal Hunter
You are on a hunting mission. Kill as many wild animals as possible in the given time. Each kill will you time bonus like time bonus, movement bonus, etc.
Duck N Cover Duck N Cover
Your aim is to hunt for the flying ducks. But this game's mechanics is a little different. You just have to aim in the correct line of the duck and hunter will fire himself. U...
Bunny Bounty Bunny Bounty
There are lot of bunnies on the loose. They are destroying your farm. Kill them and survive as long as possible. Use mouse to aim and fire.
Bat Hunter Bat Hunter
Hunt all the bats that have habitat in you new house. Remember these bats are very clever and very fast. In order to clear the level you have to kill required number of bats.
Sea Hunter Sea Hunter
click the mouse button to shoot the harpoon and hunt down rare glowing sea monsters. Remember the bigger the monster, bigger the cash.
Super Bug Hunter Super Bug Hunter
This time it's super bugs attacking you. They are fast and will give you very fast damage if they comes in contact to you. Collect the bonus powers to ease your mission.
Bug Hunter Bug Hunter
Hunt the army of ants attacking you. Every kill will give you points which you can use to upgrade your movement speed, firing sped, health, ammo, etc.
Present Hunter Present Hunter
As santa is injured in some action you have to help him to carry all presents that are dropped in his way. Hunt all of them and get them back to the helipad.
Bug Hunt Bug Hunt
In order to survive you have to hunt for the insects. Big bugs will give you extra time and glowing bugs will give you 1000 points. Use mouse to aim for the bug you want to eat.
Bean Hunter Bean Hunter
Hunt for the glowing beans. Try not to loose many beans or else it will be game over. Use mouse to aim and left click to fire.
Sniper Hunter 2 Sniper Hunter 2
Hunt for your targets hiding in the picture. Move over the scope of your sniper to see a zoomed view. Use mouse to aim and fire.
Jungle Duck Hunt Jungle Duck Hunt
Hunt down as many flying ducks as possible. Submit your high score and compete with other players all over the world. Use mouse to aim and left click to fire.
Frogee Shoot Frogee Shoot
It's your only chance to have dinner. Hunt down all the dragonflies. Use mouse to aim and fire. Try to hit dragonflies after they give you the special things they carrying.
Fish Hunt Fish Hunt
In this game there are lot of different games involved. Your ultimate goal is to get the fish. Each level is different and you have to clear them all.
Aim It Aim It
Hunt down the flying goose. There are two kinds of goose each gives different points if killed. Use mouse to aim and fire and spacebar to reload.
Big Bird Hunting Big Bird Hunting
Being a bird hunter hunt as many big birds as possible. Use your bow and arrow to do that. Try to hit birds when they are not shielded. Drag mouse down to give your shot power.
Chicken Hunting Chicken Hunting
Shoot as many chickens as possible. Use mouse to aim and fire. The farther is your target more will be the points. There are only 4 bullets in each magazine so reload with spacebar...

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